About Us

Pedro Rocha


CEO, Researcher and Project Manager (LinkedIn)

Software Architect and entrepreneur, he fell in love with AR in 2010 and since then has been seeking to create the right opportunity to bring technology to the general public, enriching and expanding our reality. Future Studies enthusiast, an expert in Artificial Intelligence, and an activist for New Economies & Conscious Capitalism, he is a master of bad jokes.

Brenno Eudes


CMO and Co-founder (LinkedIn)

More than 8 years as a Marketer, I founded my own healthtech in Brazil,  in which people with low income could do medical appointments with doctors at low prices for attendance. In 2021, I was awarded as the most innovative brazilian startup in diabetes, by the Brazilian Diabetes Society (SBD).

Our Beliefs

“The next digital world’s evolution is in course, in which there will be no barriers between digital and physical environments. Our ambition is to support people for this transformation and help them to spread their ideas to change the world!”


In 2021, we created an easy, fast, complete, and mainly, human-centered digital platform, to promote access to augmented reality for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Accelerating the digital transformation, we believe that the world could be a better place. Let’s go make the difference?